Sign Language Video Services from Viewtalk

Viewtalk is the leading provider of Sign Language video content online. Viewtalk allows businesses to communicate with D/deaf and hearing impaired consumers in the UK, many of whom prefer to use British Sign Language (BSL), by producing video using BSL.

Providing a comprehensive spectrum of Sign Language Video Services, Viewtalk creates the opportunity for businesses to promote, market and advertise their services and products to this vital growth sector.

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Al Fayed

Mohamed Al Fayed tells us about his commitment to D/deaf issues.

Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb discusses his experience with hearing loss.

Rachel Shenton

Rachel Shenton talks about the Olympics in London 2012.

Wright Stuff

Rachel Shenton promotes ViewTalk on the Wright Stuff.

Why video for your business?

Video is the fastest-growing form of communication and the most effective way to connect with customers online. We offer video content for businesses that want to market their products and services to the D/deaf and hearing impaired communities in Britain.

Viewtalk Sign Language Video Services allows your business to connect with 1 in 7 of the UK population who are D/deaf or hearing impaired, many of whom use sign language in their daily lives. Our clients include the London Zoo, Westminster City Council and the Greater London Authority.

Leading provider of sign language video

Viewtalk has received cross-medium support from social media, the press, academia and organisations working with D/deaf and hearing impaired communities including:

Sabine Iqbal, UK Founder of Deaf Parenting; Malcolm Bruce MP and Bob Russell MPs, both members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness; Eva Fielding Jackson, trustee for the British Deaf Association and author of biography on her life as a D/deaf writer; Paul Enales, Chief Executive Officer of the Anti-Bullying Alliance; Paul Simpson, member of the British Association of Teacher of the Deaf; Tom Fenton, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Association for Deaf People; Ines Sleeboom Van Raaij, President of the European Congress of Mental Health; Catherine Forry, Founder of Deaf Advocacy and Justice 4 Deaf People; Lord Michael Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister; Mohammed Al-Fayed, whose son Karim is profoundly D/deaf; and supported by actors including Genevieve Barr, Larry Lamb and Rachel Shenton.