Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Viewtalk?

Viewtalk enables D/deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) users of the internet and www to access information in British Sign Language (BSL). High quality HD videos comprising BSL, subtitles and voiceover expand web accessibility to those who use British Sign Language (BSL) in their daily lives. Viewtalk Sign Language services and products allow businesses to communicate with D/deaf and HOH customers in the UK directly. We are the leading provider of Sign Language video content online. By providing a comprehensive spectrum of Sign Language Video Services, Viewtalk creates the opportunity for businesses to promote, market and advertise their services and products to this vital growth sector.

3. What are Viewtalk FAQs?

Viewtalk FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions hosted in BSL. D/deaf and HOH online customers ask, and need answers to the same questions as hearing customers. Viewtalk BSL FAQs are linked seamlessly onto the FAQ page of a website. The Viewtalk Enabled FAQ webpage (signified by the icon shown in Fig. 1 on the FAQ webpage) contains BSL web videos associated with each FAQ (signified by the icon in Fig. 2) next to each FAQ. Clicking on the this icon initiates the BSL FAQ web video that consists of BSL, subtitles and voice-over. This is the ideal way to communicate directly with your customers who prefer to use BSL, allowing their interaction on your website to be a full and productive experience.



4. Where are the BSL web videos hosted?

The Viewtalk FAQs services and products can be delivered to the client in two configurations:

  1. 1. The HD quality (720p) Viewtalk FAQs BSL videos are sent to the client on DVD along with the ViewTalk logo and icon. The client may then host the video, provide the video player, and then code the links to the videos and images into their FAQ page. This allows the client to host and incorporate the Viewtalk enabling material to their specifications.
  2. 2. The HD quality (720p) Viewtalk FAQs BSL videos are uploaded to a client –specific videowall on We generate an embed code for each of the videos and send them to the client along with the Viewtalk logo and icon. The client then places the icon and each of the embed codes next to the relevant FAQ link, and adds the Viewtalk enabled logo to the page. This option means that Viewtalk hosts the video, providing the bandwith and video player (via the embed code).
5. Are there any management costs for hosting the videos?

Yes. Viewtalk can offer a full spectrum of management services. This includes customisation of the video player with clients logo and colours and web analytics. Please call us on 020-8962-3030 or register at and leave a BSL web video for us at info at