Why sign language video online?

Showcase your
business online

Video has come to define the internet, and for many, web video is at the heart of social life. Public demand for online video is insatiable and growing globally. Every day, hundreds of millions of videos are viewed by web users, and businesses use video on the web to showcase and sell their products and services.

Expand your online customer base

In Britain in 2010, there were 15.5 million internet video viewers. By 2015, this figure will rise to 23.5 million. In less than a decade, web video has changed the way we communicate forever, and promises to dazzle with a range of video services delivered over the internet. Viewtalk Sign Language Video Services offers a unique opportunity for businesses to access a key growth area of the online sales market.

Engage Emotion

Telephones, text messages and email might be instantaneous, but these technologies cannot replace the human face and the emotional response people receive from it. Emotion leads to engagement. Viewtalk Sign Language Video Services deliver an online strategy for engaging hundreds of thousands of customers who use sign language in their daily lives.